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Diplôme OR90VL

La section UBA-LGE fêtera ses 90 ans le 25 juin 2015


Afin de permettre à tous nos membres de participer à cet événement, les membres pourront donner  des points pour l’obtention d’un diplôme pour les 90 ans de la section avec leur propre indicatif (voir ci-dessous)

Règlement de ce diplôme

Ainsi, chaque membre LGE pourra participer en donnant des points aux OM désireux d’obtenir le diplome

Le 25 JUIN 2015, date anniversaire, un trafic tout particulier sera réservé pour OR90VL

90th Anniversary of UBA-LGE AWARD Rule



The ARS UBA-LGE commemorates the 90th anniversary of UBA-LGE Liège

(Union des Amateurs Emetteurs – Section Liège).

In celebration of this events, the UBA-LGE edited a 
commemorative award. This award is available to all licensed radio amateurs, including SWLs.



Award Rules:

  • The bulk of the qualifying score of contacts must be made with special event station OR90VL
    and individuals members from the UBA-LGE ARS. All HF bands and modes are valid.
  • Period June 1st 2015 to December 31th 2015
  • QSO’s with OR90VL must be made minimum on 3 differents bands
  • Each member of UBA-LGE with OP prefix (November 2015) count for 2 QSO (4 points).
  • Entrants are allowed to use all emissions (SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK)


Applications can be submitted in a form of check sheet certified by
signature. Applications mailed in paper form (5 USD) (PAYPAL or as an electronic scan (free of charge) will be accepted with dead line on Feb. 28th 2016

Paper applications should be sent to UBA-LGE Award Manager:

Paul DELMELLE, ON6DP, Grand Route 58, B=4122 NEUPRE, Belgium

Email :



for   ON & EU Non-EU
BRONZE 200 points 100 points
SILVER 370 points 190 points
GOLD 460 points 270 points


List of qualifying Callsigns and points :

The event callsign  OR90VL 10 points
QSO on June 25th with station OR90VL 20 points


The members callsigns

…….2 points
OP0P,OQ6P,OR2E,OT4Z …….3 points

ON6DP par Paul Delmelle | ON6DP | Facebook | DMR ID 2068005 | OP0P   DMR ID 2068046

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